3 More Connection Myths that Need Busting

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3 More Connection Myths that Need Busting

Last week, we talked about the first 3 misconceptions about warmth. Today, we’ll be teaching you the other 3 misconceptions about expressing love to our kids.

Warmth and connection are not about silencing our voice. It is important to express our thoughts and feelings once then let our kids make their decisions from there.

Warmth and connection are not rescuing our kids from ownership. It is not shielding our kids from uncomfortable emotions. We have to accept that protecting our kids from the harsh realities of life means allowing them to face consequences and difficult situations. Our kids are bound to experience heartbreak, defeat, loss, disappointment, and regret-- and that’s okay.

Warmth and connection are not about sacrificing our needs. We sacrifice a lot as parents. But we see this message that you’ve got to sacrifice it all.  This leaves a parent feeling depleted.  You still get to have needs: The need to be treated kindly, the need to rest, the need to find renewal, etc.

Identifying the situations where we make these mistakes is already half of the solution. Now that we have identified these misconceptions, examine where these are present in your parenting and make the conscious effort to improve them. Start with small changes, then go from there.

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