Boundary-testing Kids

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Boundary-testing Kids

Let’s talk about ranchers and cows for a bit.

There’s this thing where cows lean up against fences to see if they can break them. To make sure that the fences are kept up, ranchers tighten them regularly. This way, the fences don’t fall and cows eventually learn that it’s not worth their time to push against those boundaries.

It’s the same with our kids.

Our kids are like cows who constantly lean up against our boundaries. They test us to see how far they can go.  This is how kids are designed. 

According to research, kids who test boundaries are shown to be better problem solvers, critical thinkers, and more adventurous than those who don’t.

It is our kid’s job to test boundaries and it is our job to hold the boundaries firm, just like the wise ranchers.

Setting good boundaries is a constant process. But it is what our kids need us to do.  It is a sign of our love to offer fences of protection.

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