Connecting with defiant kids is HARD.

defiance defiant parenting parenting myths parenting styles warmth Aug 03, 2021

There is no shame if you are struggling to like your defiant child.  You are normal.  You are also not to blame if your child is behaving poorly. No one taught you how to raise a defiant child.

But in order to change how we feel towards our kids, we need to explore and honor why we struggle.

What blocks us from feeling warmth toward our kids?

Poor behaviors such as defiance and disrespect just plain old don’t feel good to be around.  We feel like we aren’t honored as an individual.  You are wired to be bothered by that!

When our kids violate our personal boundaries, it can result in us resenting them.

When our dream of having a happy and perfect family is broken, it makes us dislike our kids even more.

When they seem to bring out the worst in us.  We can feel parental shame and blame our kids for that feeling.

Exhaustion.  When we’re worn out from parenting and having to be an adult, our warmth gets zapped.  

Which of these do you identify with most? Maybe all of them.

We want to help you overcome these obstacles.  If you feel you are ready for that additional support, go here.

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