Some Myths About Connection That Need to be Busted

defiance defiant parenting parenting myths parenting styles warmth Jul 20, 2021

In order for us to understand what warmth and connection is, we first have to know what it is not.

Warmth and connection is not everyone feeling good all the time. Being disappointed or upset toward our kids when they behave poorly does not make us bad parents. It is a necessary reaction so our kids learn to face the consequences of their actions.

Warmth and connection is not being at every activity. Not being able to show up in some events doesn’t make us absent parents. Being present means constantly making our children feel seen and heard. 

Warmth and connection is not living without our personal boundaries. Setting our boundaries means honoring ourselves and our needs. When we honor our boundaries, we teach our kids to be sensitive and to maintain their respect toward us.

How do you express warmth at home? If you see yourself doing some of the things I mentioned, that’s okay. Identify where these are in your daily parenting and make the decision to change them.

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