Connection vs Correction

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Connection vs Correction

We want to point out a reality that occurs for most kids.

In a study, hundreds of teens were interviewed.  The researchers wanted to know at what times the teens felt like they had their parents' attention.

The results were shocking... 83% of the teens said,

“The only time my parents talk to me is to correct me.” 

Parents, we need to see what is good about our kids and be certain to verbalize those things to them... often.  We also need to take time to positively connect with them everyday.

Connection and pointing out the positive doesn’t need to be difficult.  It could be as simple as…

 “I saw how you held the door open for that person.  You are so kind.”
“Welcome home from school!  Tell me the best thing and worst thing from today.”

“Hey, we’re watching a show tonight.  Do you want to join us and snuggle while we watch?”

Let’s not have our family be one where the kids only receive attention when they are doing something wrong.

Tell your kids five things that are good about them sometime during this week

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