Did you know this was at the root of your feelings?

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Did you know this was at the root of your feelings?

We need to watch out for negative thoughts and change them to be able to foster warmth in the midst of our kids’ poor behavior.

We want to stay in a place of warmth. How do we do that when our kids are misbehaving?

We first need to address the root of our feelings towards our kids. Our emotions follow our thinking and perception. 

How do you see your child? Do you see them as the cause of your exhaustion and frustration? Or do you see them as normal humans trying to get their needs fulfilled?

If we find that our perception towards them is negative, it’s time to plant some positive thoughts about them instead.

One way to do this is to grab a photo of your child that makes you smile and write down positive things about them.

“She is worthy of love.”

“He is doing his best.”

Looking at this list on hard days will rewire our brains to see beyond their current behavior. 

We change our thoughts about our child, we can change our feelings about them.

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