RSV and Parenting

defiance defiant parenting parenting myths parenting styles strong-willed kids warmth Aug 24, 2021
RSV and Parenting

Our kids will experience all kinds of emotions and situations, both positive and negative, as they grow. Maintaining warmth in our relationship with our kids can be done through RSV: 




We want our kids to feel received as individuals. For them to feel accepted, we must love them for who they are and who they can become.

Here are some important questions to consider:

Do we only accept our kids when they make the right choices, or do we receive them despite their differences and still see what is good in them? 

Do we see their potential and are we sharing that vision with them?

Do our kids feel seen by us? Or are we having only surface interactions with them?

Do we validate our kids even if we don’t understand them?

Next week, we’ll zoom in on how we can effectively validate our kids. As these moments can make a wrong turn, it’s important that we learn how to properly validate so we don’t overstep.

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