What To Do When No Consequence Works

4 Consequence Myths and What You MUST Do Instead.

Join us for a onehour deep dive into the ins and outs of effective consequences.
We know you're ready to see behavior change and we're ready to teach you how.

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Bad Behavior Effects More Than Just The Mood In Your Home

Brain Development

Bad behavior creates stress which releases cortisol in the brain.  Prolonged exposure to cortisol can damage a developing brain.

Emotional Regulation

The stress from the cortisol can make it much more difficult to manage emotions.

Interpersonal Relationships

Kids who struggle with poor behavior have difficulty in their interpersonal relationships.  Whether it be peers at school or co-workers, interacting with others can be a challenge.

You're not a failure, you just haven't had the right tools.

You've probably already tried a lot of things...time outs, grounding, ignoring bad behavior, praising positive behaviors and So.Much.More.

You're already working hard to see changes, but nothing seems to last.

What You'll Learn In the One Hour Mini-Workshop

February 19, 2021 @ 3:00pm MDT

(There will be a recording available for everyone who registers)

  • Understanding the brain and consequences. What is healthy, what is not.
  • How to think about consequences differently...seeing them as an opportunity for your child's growth rather than focusing on punishment.
  • How to use consequences to teach critical life-skills
  • How to find an effective consequence in any circumstance
  • How to give consequences in a way the helps your relationship instead of hurting it
  • How to shift ownership of problem choices from your shoulders onto your child's so they become self-motivated to change
  • Redefining what it looks like when a consequence "works" so you are using a healthier, less discouraging measurement of success
  • How to give consequences in a way that makes your life easier, not harder
  • What consequences don't work and why that is
  • The pieces of consequences that have to be in place in order for the consequence to be healthy and effective

We're here to help you.

With a combined 20 years of experience with some of the most challenging kids, we know how  exhausting and discouraging parenting can get! 

We have guided other parents to finally see success and now we're in your corner, too!

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