Online course and coaching for parents of kids who don't listen, are defiant or are disrespectful


Surprised by Parenting Challenges

Did you bring your children into the world with joyful anticipation and visions of happy homes?  
But parenting is so different than that, hasn't it?
Do you ask your kids to do something or to stop doing something...yet they don't listen?
  Or they are your kids sassy even though you're working your tail off to provide a good life for them.?
Are you dealing with power struggles and defiance?
You've read the books, you've listened to the podcasts, you've tried all they've taught...yet things just don't change.
Not long-term.

There is Hope


Introducing a Parenting Framework That Is:


So many parenting approaches do not result in the changes you want to see.  Not this approach!


Easy to understand, simple to use, and decreases your parenting workload rather than increasing it. Reading a book and trying to apply what you learn is tough...this program is not.


Why learn new tools for each age-group?! Our parenting approach works with toddlers through adult children.  Master our 5 skills and use them for life...


Evidence-based principles that have stood the test of time.  You can feel absolutely confident using these tools.

After decades of working with clients, we've evolved a parenting framework to assist parents in their most important job ever.


You will know how to navigate new situations as they come up. 

No matter the situation, no matter the age. You'll know what to do.

You will experience the peace that comes with having an approach that accounts for the inevitable twists and turns of parenting.


You will spend less time dealing with tough behaviors and enjoy more time soaking in the peace of your home.

And you will finally know how to guide your children to be their best selves!

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Hi, We're Janet Cazier, LCSW and Celeste Jensen, ACC.

As parents ourselves and with decades of experience as parent coaches, we have learned how to help kids be the best versions of themselves and show parents how to have a happy home.  In both our personal lives and professional lives, we have been able to help families...

  • Decrease negative behaviors: Without yelling, bribing, nagging or arguing.
  • Get kids to listen: On the first ask.  It is possible!
  • Help kids be respectful: Cut out sassiness and backtalk...which let's your interactions with each other be positive.
  • ​Prepare kids to be happy, healthy, contributing adults: Our framework not only helps families in the present, it equips kids with the critical life and interpersonal skills they need to thrive as adults.


Improve Behavior.

Have a Happy Home.


This framework enabled us and hundreds of other parents to raise kids who are responsive, respectful, and resilient.

It's called the WISER Parenting Program

Here are a few words from some of our past students...

We were dealing with daily...hourly defiance and disrespect from our daughter with multiple diagnoses. We had seen therapists for years with moderate improvement.  We were skeptical when we came across the WISER Parenting Program, but thought we'd give it a try.  We can't explain how grateful we were that we did.  Our daily lives are SO MUCH happier than before and we are now extremely optimistic about our daughter's future. 

Josh. Dad of 2.College Professor.

With eight kids, are a lot of parenting challenges.  This course is concise with a plan--basic things from real people. (books feel so ideal that I don't know how to implement them.) I really appreciated real life examples to make sense of the 'lesson'.  I now know the simple changes I can make as a parent to get great results.

Heather. Mom of 8. Co-Director of High-Thrive Coaching

As much as I tried, I had an extremely hard time truly connecting with my step-kids. Then I found the WISER Parenting Program. I figured out just how much I was trying to force a relationship and how much I was sacrificing my own sanity & boundaries to try to revolve my life around my step-kids. With what I've learned I have watched the behavior of my kids change, our relationship deepen, and their self-esteem grow.  Truly, our lives have forever been changed by this program.

Madeline. Blended family Mom of 6. Film Producer

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What You'll Get When You Sign Up

Improve Behavior the WISER Way Course

valued at $1997

  • 6 Modules of informative and straight forward content
  • Access online or with mobile app 
  • This is a parenting approach that is effective now and for years to come...master this and you're set for life!

Set You Up for Success Printables and Bonus Videos

valued at $500


  • Weekly Action Steps: To reduce overwhelm, we have small action steps to go with each week's lesson.
  • ​ Case Studies: We can learn information, but then have a hard time applying it.  We don't want that to happen to you.  We are providing case studies covering a variety of behaviors and a variety of ages.  These will model how to apply the principles you learned.
  • Refrigerator Sheet Handouts: It can be hard to remember new information when living your daily life.  These sheets are simple reminders you can hang somewhere you see often.  They will refresh your memory on the most important principles to remember.


Private Facebook Community


 Parenting is tough, it's tougher when you do it alone.

With our community, you will be surrounded by parents who "get it" and are trying to help their homes be a beautiful place to be.
Get ideas from each other.  Share you wins, vent on the hard days.
We'll be here for you.











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  • Quick Action Guides
  • Case Study Videos
  • Private Facebook Community
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